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Access Control Cards/ Photo Id Cards

Access Control cards and Photo  I.D. Cards are being used for identification of employees and access control by institutions and businesses of all kinds. Positive identification of staff and visitors is important for any organisation therefore it is important for every business to have a clearly distinguishable, branded ID card. Furthermore, high in functionality, these cards can incorporate special features such as custom photo printing, embossing and hot-stamping. Because these personalisation features provide maximum flexibility as well as security.

Most of all we can produce Photo Id cards in small quantities as well incorporating bar code, magnetic strip, Mifare contactless, or any of the popular access machine readable technologies.

SECURE/ACCESS CONTROL CARDS, provide security, allow you to monitor entry into all areas of your facility therefore avoiding any trespassers or mishaps. In addition we also manufacture ID cards for schools, colleges, hospitals and other educational institutes.

High Quality and  Fade Proof ID Cards

Our photo cards are true laminated cards and hence are long lasting and durable. We do not use Thermal printing that has lower life and as a result is subject to fading over time due to regular use. The process involves printing and laminating pvc similar to regular high quality cards production.

We offer the following types of Access Control I-Cards

  • Magnetic stripe (high and low coercivity) I-cards,
  • Proximity  I-cards
  • Custom printed ID-cards
  • Bar Code – Id Card
  • Mifare Smart I-cards
  • RFID cards
  • Contactless I-card technologies
  • Chip cards
  • HID cards
  • Swipe I-cards
  • Computer readable I-card
  • Prox I-cards


For more information refer to www.plasticcard-printer.com/access_control_identity_card.html


Access Control Cards Access Control Cards

Access Control Cards Access Control Cards Access Control Cards Access Control Cards