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Magnetic Stripe Cards

Magnetic stripe cards manufacturer and supplier at Mumbai, India.

Magnetic Stripe Cards are the most common form of PVC cards. The magnetic stripe cards technology has a wide range of applications. Thus some of the most familiar applications are credit and debit cards, transit tickets, and access control cards.

Pre-paid plastic debit card is another common example of a magnetic stripe card. These cards have a monetary value associated with them. Every time the card is used, the required value is decremented from it. The information for this process is stored on the magnetic stripe and is changed with every phone call.

However the use of magnetic stripe cards is not limited to official purposes. Loyalty cards and some event entry ticket cards also use a magnetic stripe to identify the details about the card holder.

In addition to the above, Bank ATM card, gift cards, access cards, loyalty cards, ID cards, hotel key cards etc are all applications that use magnetic stripe technology to create identification of the holder.


Examples of some magnetic stripe cards we have manufactured for banks.

Magnetic stripe cards

Magnetic stripe cards




magnetic stripe card

Atm Magnetic Stripe Card






The cards we produce are in complete conformance to ISO-7810. Therefore conform to the international standard for banking cards. Furthermore these cards embody the concept of plastic money as they are widely used by banks in-order to withdraw money from ATM machines. Newline Enterprises is involved with the card programmes of several bank ATM cards and offers bureau services for personalisation and fulfilment as well.

Some more examples of magnetic stripe cards:

magnetic stripe cards magnetic stripe cards

magnetic stripe cards magnetic stripe cards

magnetic stripe cards magnetic stripe cards













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