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Plastic Warranty Cards

Plastic warranty cards are a tool used to certify that the merchandise is genuine and warranted against defects for a period of time. Plastic cards are more durable than paper cards as they last longer. Thus plastic warranty cards are far more desirable paper warranty cards. These are important for high value merchandise or premium products like watches, jewellery, electronics etc. The guarantee card must reflect the quality of brand. I should also give the holder added re-assurances of his costly purchase.

Newline produces plastic warranty cards that are used by manufacturers to certify the genuineness of the product sold. All the variable information of the customer can also be written on the card. Special writable panels are provided  on the card that allow on the spot issue. Plastic Warranty cards with customised printing option on both sides helps achieve a high quality customised collateral that enhances the image of the product.

The plastic warranty/guarantee cards are produced in thermal printing grade and allow on the spot customization at the time of issue using standard thermal plastic card printers.

Plastic warranty cards are extremely popular with high end premium brands. The plastic warranty card serves as high end collateral and enhances the brand image. It also prevents duplication and serves to give additional security to the buyer. It also serves as a useful way to store important information relating to the product and its identity. Consumer specific purchase information like serial number, date of purchase, dealers name and warranty dates can be recorded at the back of the card. This makes the information easily available. The plastic substrate ensures that it lasts long and remains soil/age proof.

Diamond/Jewellery certificate Card

In the case of a  jewellery certification card, the image of the piece purchased in printed on the card itself. Along with this, complete details of the product are also mentioned on the card. These add value to the product offering as well as give confidence to the buyer.

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