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ID Card Printers

We offer a range of ID and thermal card printers

We offers a range of ID card printers and thermal card printers. We also offer solutions to support both magnetic stripe and smart card technology. For all systems we are able to offer operating software and full system support.

We offer both matt/silk and high gloss finish plastic cards. We also offer pre-printed cards that ensure that all fixed data come pre-printed and you need to do is to print the variable data. This also allows you to save costs by using half panel ribbons on your card printers and ensure all text and logos etc are printed sharply and colour consistency is maintained. Using our pre-printed plastic cards ensures that you have a high conversion efficiency thus ensuring that wastage is minimised and costs controlled. Most important is that our cards are burr free and of high quality and thus ensure long thermal head life, which is the  most critical and expensive part of any printer. We are OEM vendors to most large printer brands and you can thus be assured of high quality consumables in the form of pre-printed cards.

Plastic cards printer brands supported by us

  • Zebra
  • Evolis
  • Datacard
  • Fargo
  • Poloroid
  • CIM
  • NBS
  • Magic card







For more information refer to www.identity-cards.in/id_card_printers