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Cleaning Cards

What is a Cleaning Card?

Cleaning cards are used to ensure a high read reliability for your card readers and minimise transaction failures. If locks [reader heads] are not cleaned regularly, the lock will not identify the key correctly [encoding]. therefore causing processing delays. Over 80% of equipment failures can be attributed to poor maintenance. Our technically advanced cleaning cards are a form of preventive maintenance, designed to clean reader heads without dismantling them.

Each cleaning card is conveniently pre-saturated and sealed in foil. It is supported and laminated with a lint free non-abrasive material on both sides so that the reader head, feed path and transport rollers can be cleaned at the same time. Therefore, the card will effectively remove any dirty heavy and dust accumulation, magnetic oxides, contaminants, grime and grease etc. Our cards are designed to clean the latest equipment and are unconditionally guaranteed.

The not so hidden costs of neglect include customer dissatisfaction, frequent service calls and wasted time. Our Cleaning Card keeps uptime high and ensures minimal guest dis-satisfaction.

Why You Should Use Cleaning Cards?

  • Minimal expense and labor to decrease the number of service calls as well as guest complaints.
  • The cleaning process takes 15 seconds or less.
  • Mistake proof – the card will clean both sides.
  • One-step, on the spot solution: Open-Insert-Dispose
  • Customer convenience – Instant resolution of inconsistent reading of keys.

Benefits of using a Cleaning card

  • It is essential to run a cleaning card through your equipment at scheduled intervals. When used daily, they drastically reduce the number of read errors thus decreasing the number of service calls.
  • Saves Money: Reduce your service calls and as a result reduce your costs.
  • Saves Time: No downtime waiting for repairs.
  • Results: Customer satisfaction – prevents the guest from having to struggle with repeated insertions to open the door.
  • Resolves chronic problems: Dirty heads cause inconsistent read results. If the guest complains that the key does not work, simply send up the bell hop and allow him to use a cleaning card thus giving you an easy solution to your problem.

For more information refer to www.hotel-keycards.com/cleaning-cards.html