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Hotel Keycards

Custom printed magnetic hotel keycards for Vingcard, Saflok, Onity, Tesa, Ilco, Cisa & Kaba.

Hotel Keycards are based on Magnetic stripe, Mifare, and RFID technologies. In order to make a powerful impression at check-in time, it is important to have an impressive looking key card. The key card is the first thing a guest gets on checking in. With our economic low cost offerings, custom key cards can open much more than hotel locks. They not only project a differentiated classy customised high profile image, but serve as a valuable tool to promote your property. Advertising tie ups with local establishments can help you subsidise costs as well.


We offer a vast array of generic keycards. The design of the  hotel keycards promotes both the quality and style of a hotel. It reflects a high standard of quality and helps improve the hotel image. Rather than using plain white cards or screen printed cards that may get rubbed off with use over time it is better to use our offering of custom printed hotel keycards.

We produce cards for all major hotel chains. We can either produce a keycard based on the graphic branding requirements of the chain or alternatively give you a customised offering tailored to your unique graphics. Our  keycards are compatible with most magnetic stripe-encoded guest room locking systems.

Some of the typical systems that we produce hotel keycards for: TESA, ILCO, VINGCARD, CISA, SAFLOK, SARGENT, ONITY, KABA.

All our hotel keycards comply with ISO 7801 and 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed ANSI specifications.

For more information refer to www.hotel-keycards.com

hotel keycards GOLD FINCH - Hotel Key Card

Hotel Key Card  Hotel Key Card  Hotel Key Card

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